McCord Creek Falls

McCord Creek FallsThough technically not part of the older Western Cascades, this wonderful short hike along the Columbia Gorge is a great place to see a mix of Cascade flora with that of the Gorge and eastern Oregon. Normally found much higher in the mountains, special plants of the Western Cascades including cliff penstemon and smooth douglasia grow here almost at sea level. Part of the trail to McCord Creek Falls is built into a cliff and offers a rare opportunity to study cliffs plants at eye level. Both waterfalls are stunning and worth viewing on their own at any season.


Trail: round trip—2.2 miles to McCord Creek Falls, 1.6 to Elowah Falls or 3 for both (40–620′)
Location: Multnomah County; John B. Yeon State Park
USGS Map: Tanner Butte; T2N.R7E.S31
Habitats: forest, creek, rock and cliff
Bloom: April to June


Take Hwy 84 east of Portland to exit 35. Continue east on Frontage Rd toward Dodson for 2.2 miles to parking lot at John B. Yeon State Park.

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