Tidbits Mountain

Tidbits Mountain
The massive north-facing cliffs and giant talus slope are home to enough beautiful and unusual plants to keep any flower lover happy. Hikers looking for viewpoints won’t be disappointed either. From the old lookout site perched atop the west peak, the 360° view is spectacular. Crossing the talus slope may be difficult for some hikers, and the lookout site requires a short but steep scramble to reach the top. It’s not for those with vertigo! Even skipping the top, the old-growth woods are quite beautiful, and there is a gravelly slope that is quite floriferous early in the summer if you continue west past the summit. Flowering gentians and fruiting huckleberries make late summer trips worthwhile as well.


Trail: 4+ miles round trip (4100–5184′)
Location: Linn County; Willamette National Forest, Sweet Home Ranger District
USGS Map: Tidbits Mountain; T15S.R4E.S9,10,14,15
Habitats: cliff, rock, forest, gravelly slope
Bloom: June to August


Take Hwy 126 east past Blue River. After about 3 miles, turn left on Rd 15 to Blue River Reservoir. Continue 4.8 miles on Rd 15 until it turns to gravel. Continue straight on what is now 1509. Continue for 8.3 miles keeping a lookout for Road 877 which comes up suddenly on your left. Park here and walk up if the road is in bad shape, or take it up a short steep 0.2 miles until you see a small parking area on the left. (The final spur road was fixed and drivable in 2015. As of 2023, I’d recommend that those in passenger cars park at the bottom and walk up.)

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