Gordon Meadows

Gordon Meadows is a terrific place for those who enjoy exploring wetlands. The trail leads down to an intersection in damp woods. To the left are some narrow wetland openings and small meadows. To the right, the trail skirts the north side of a large wet meadow with a charming meandering creek and a couple of months of colorful floral displays. It continues across a creek to another wet meadow. From here the trail heads into the woods, eventually coming to two small lakes, which can be reached more easily from a different trailhead.


Trail: ~3.5 miles round trip to all meadows (4300–4000′); 7.2 miles round trip to lakes (4300–3800′)
Location: Linn County; Willamette National Forest, Sweet Home Ranger District
USGS Map: Tidbits Mountain; T14S.R4E.S10-12
Habitats: wet meadow, bog, creek, forest
Bloom: June to August


Drive 17.5 miles on Hwy 20 east of the Sweet Home Ranger Station. Just past MP 46, turn right on 2032 and follow it for 8.5 miles. You will pass 2 roads off to the left and 2 off to the right. At a “Y” intersection, fork left onto Rd 345. Stay straight at first intersection. After 0.8 miles, turn right (second right after small bridge), follow it for 1.1 miles until the somewhat rough road dead ends. The trailhead is on the left.

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