Moon Point

For an easy day of botanizing and watching butterflies, head up to Moon Point. On its way to a rocky viewpoint, the short, relatively level trail passes by numerous floriferous meadows and smaller open areas that attract a multitude of butterflies and hummingbirds on sunny, summer days. Areas of forest, creek, alder thicket, rock outcrop and an off-trail lake and wetland contribute to the high diversity of species. To get to Moon Lake, follow the trail for 0.4 mile. Turn right, through some trees, at the blue diamonds marking a cross country ski trail, just past a large alder thicket. Continue heading west straight down the hill and across the large meadow. The lake is just beyond another small band of trees, only 0.2 mile from the trail. For a longer hike, it is possible to go down to Youngs Rock by taking a left at the intersection. The massive rock is about 1.1 miles down this trail.

Description Sheet

Moon Point Trail


Trail: 2.2 miles round trip (5120–5140′)
Location: southeastern Lane County; Willamette National Forest, Middle Fork Ranger District
USGS Map: Warner Mountain; T23S.R3E.S25
Habitats: forest, meadow, cliff, creek, lake
Bloom: early June to early August


Take Highway 58 2 miles past Oakridge to Kitson Springs County Road. After 0.5 mile, turn right onto Rd 21. Follow Rd. 21 for 18.7 miles around the reservoir to Youngs Creek Rd. 2129. Turn left on 2129 and, following the signs for the lookout, continue for 8 miles on 2129, then turn right (uphill) on Road 439. The trailhead and small pullout is 1.5 miles farther on the right at a hard bend in the road.

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