Heckletooth Mountain

Heckletooth MountainThis is a great low-elevation trail to try when the nearby mountains are still dusted with snow. It passes through several sloping meadows and recovering burn on its way to a rocky ridge with a view of Diamond Peak. For those looking for more of a hike, it continues on through the woods to a small wetland and a second trailhead.


Trail: 2.4–3+ miles round trip (2490–3682′)
Location: eastern Lane County; Willamette National Forest, Middle Fork Ranger District
USGS Map: McCredie Springs; T21S.R4E.S17,18
Habitats: meadow, forest, rock, wet meadow, recovering burn
Bloom: May to June


Head east through the town of Oakridge onto Salmon Creek Rd 24. Just after milepost 3, turn right onto Rd 207, and drive 1.8 miles to the trailhead at a pulloff on the left. Turn left at the trail intersection a short ways from the pulloff (right goes to Aubrey Mountain). That road is in bad shape at the moment. Instead, continue on Road 24 until you reach Road 2408. Turn right and continue for about 6 miles. Somewhere along the way it will turn to 5871. Just past an intersection that heads back to your left, you’ll see a trail on both sides of the road. Take the one downhill to the right (west) to get to Heckletooth Mountain.

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