Grasshopper Meadows

Grasshopper Meadows
Large meadows are unusual for this area, so Grasshopper Meadows is a real treat. The trail is rather faint once you get into the meadow, but you can’t really get lost wandering about chasing butterflies, photographing flowers, and watching as grasshoppers jump in front of you. There is also a wonderful hidden cliff area at the far east end of the main meadow, the base of which can be accessed by heading right down into the woods until the cliff disappears. From there you can get around in front of it to find a whole different suite of wildflowers.

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Grasshopper Meadows Trail


Trail: ~2.8 mile round trip (4560–5420′)
Location: eastern Lane County; Willamette National Forest, Middle Fork Ranger District
USGS Map: Grasshopper Mountain; T19S.R5E.S22,23
Habitats: meadow, forest, rock, cliff, creek
Bloom: mid-June to August


Drive east on Hwy 58 toward Oakridge. Continue past Lookout Reservoir a little ways past the 31-mile marker. The Middle Fork Ranger District office will be on your right. Take the left into Westfir. There are a couple of signs that say Westfir and the Aufderheide, Hwy 19. After you cross the river take a left. From the stop sign by the covered bridge in Westfir continue straight on Road 19 for about 13 miles until you get to Road 1926 (one mile past the junction of Road 1925).

Turn left onto 1926 and drive almost 3 miles till you reach Road 1927 (note while this stretch is still paved there are some gravel patches). Turn right onto 1927 and drive 2.1 miles till you reach 1929. This is now gravel. Follow this for 5.5 miles (stay left at the intersection of 1940 and stay right at an intersection at 5 miles) until you see the trailhead on the right side of the road. There is no real parking area.

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