Elk Camp & Nevergo Meadow

If you’re looking for a super easy day of exploring wet meadows and old-growth forest, head up to Elk Camp and Nevergo Meadow. A plethora of wildflowers including mountain shooting star and marsh marigold will greet you as soon as the snow melts. Many waves of color continue for much of the summer, including beautiful Columbia lilies and great polemonium lining roadside. Both areas hold populations of the rare endemic Umpqua frasera (Frasera umpquaensis) at the most northerly reach of its range.  


Trail: less than o.5 mile round trip to the Elk Camp wet meadow from the trailhead, or 1 mile from Nevergo Meadow (4260–4370′)
Location: eastern Lane County; Willamette National Forest, Middle Fork Ranger District
USGS Map: Saddleblanket Mountain; T19S.R2E.S29, 30
Habitats: wetland, meadow, forest, roadside
Bloom: late May to August


From the west:

From the town of Fall Creek, follows signs for the Fall Creek Reservoir. Drive east on Fall Creek Road 18, past the reservoir, for ~12 miles. Turn right (south) onto Road 1824. Follow this for 6.2 miles to Road 142. Turn left onto Road 142 and continue for 1.8 miles to a quarry (there’s a small wetland hidden behind the quarry). After another 1.5 miles, you’ll come to Nevergo Meadow, a wetland on both sides of the road, just north of Road 226. Just 1/3 mile south of the intersection of Road 226, there is another wetland on the right side of the road somewhat protected by a fence.

There is an unmarked trailhead on the east side of the road here that very shortly connects with the Alpine trail. Head north on the main trail for a few hundred feet to access the Elk Camp wetland on your right, or continue a little farther to the Elk Camp Shelter or continue for a walk through some stunning old-growth forest.

From the south:

From I-5, take exit 188a, and drive east on Hwy 58 a little ways past the milepost 31 marker. Take the left into Westfir onto Road 19, the Aufderheide, across from the Middle Fork Ranger Station. Drive 0.5 mile, take a left after crossing the bridge, and continue into Westfir. From the stop sign by the covered bridge in Westfir, continue straight on Hwy 19 for 4.6 miles until you get to the second bridge crossing the river. Turn left here onto Road 1912. Drive up 1912 for 6.6 miles till you reach an intersection of several roads. Stay on 1912 which is the first right. After 1.1 miles, turn left onto Road 140 and follow for 6.3 miles to the trailhead across from the wet meadow with a fence. Or stop earlier across from the intersection of Road 143 and head north an extra .25 mile on the Alpine trail from there. Drive or walk 0.4 mile north of the north trailhead to reach Nevergo Meadow.

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