Hills Peak

Hills Peak is a very rocky prominence at the eastern end of the Calapooya Mountains near the transition to the High Cascades. There are no trails in the area, but within a mile of the peak, there are a number of easily accessible wetlands, including several small lakes with associated bogs, and there are also good plants along the roadside.


No Trail: ~4900–6050′
Location: Douglas County; Willamette National Forest, Middle Fork Ranger District
USGS Map: Emigrant Butte; T25S.R5E.S10,11,14,15
Habitats: cliff, lake, bog, wetland, forest
Bloom: June to September


Take Highway 58 just past Oakridge and MP 37 to Kitson Springs County Road. After 0.5 mile turn right onto Rd 21. Follow Rd 21 for 31.4 miles. Stay straight on what is now 2153. After 3.7 miles, this turns to gravel and winds uphill. After about 4.4 miles you will see a wetland on the right. In another mile, there will be a small road that goes to the base of Hills Peak, park here to access the base of the cliffs and talus slope. Walk 0.1 mile past this to access 4 small hidden wetlands: one about 750’ to the left (south), 2 another 700’ or so farther south, and another 250’ to the right (north). Drive 1 mile farther up Road 2153, just past the intersection of Road 359 to see a small lake and surrounding bog and wet meadow. To get to the top of the peak, drive another 2.5 miles and park on an old road to the left (367 but unmarked). Walk this road for a half mile to reach the south end of the ridge, an old lookout site.

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