Plant Lists

Below are plant lists I have made for a number of sites in the Western Cascades. Although some may have originally been based on lists obtained elsewhere, these posted lists include only those plants I have seen (or believe I have seen). I may be wrong about some of the IDs and take full responsibility for these mistakes. Some lists are fairly comprehensive based on a dozen or more trips at different times of year. Other sites are new for me, and the lists will undoubtedly grow as I return to the location. As I learn more about the plants and explore the sites more, I will continue to update these. They are now up to date through 2023, including use of the new family classifications based on names accepted by OregonFlora in Volumes 1 and 2, as well as what we have done so far in Volume 3. While the lists do include conifers, ferns, dicots, and most monocots, there are very few graminoids (grasses, sedges, and similar) listed, as I know very few of these and am only learning them slowly. Someday I hope to remedy that!

There are two lists for each site. The first is a simpler list. It is an editable MS Word document with common name and family, alphabetized by botanical name. For those more familiar with our plants, the second list is a PDF created from my Filemaker Pro database using only botanical names and sorted by division, family, genus, and species, including synonyms. This is what I take with me in the field. If anyone sees plants at these sites that are not on my lists, I would appreciate the information, including the specific location. You are free to use these lists for your own use or to print out for a field trip. If you want to share them with someone else, however, please just give them the link to this page. Thanks, and enjoy!

Columbia Gorge: Multnomah County

Clackamas: Clackamas County

Santiam: Linn, Marion counties

McKenzie: Lane, Linn counties

Willamette: Lane, Douglas counties

North Umpqua, Calapooyas: Douglas County

Rogue-Umpqua Divide: Douglas County

Southern Cascades: Jackson County

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