Plant Lists

Below are plant lists I have made for a number of sites in the Western Cascades. Although some may have originally been based on lists obtained elsewhere, these posted lists include only those plants I have seen (or believe I have seen). I may be wrong about some of the IDs and take full responsibility for these mistakes. Some lists are fairly comprehensive based on a dozen or more trips at different times of year. Other sites are new for me, and the lists will undoubtedly grow as I return to the location. As I learn more about the plants and explore the sites more, I will continue to update these. They are now up to date through 2012, including use of the new family classifications (For a cheat sheet to these, see New Year, New Family Names.). I hope to get them all updated this winter (2020/21), along with more new names. While the lists do include conifers, ferns, dicots, and most monocots, there are very few graminoids (grasses, sedges, and similar) listed, as I know very few of these at the moment. Someday I hope to remedy that!

There are two lists for each site. The first is a simpler list. It is an editable MS Word document with common name and family, alphabetized by botanical name. For those more familiar with our plants, the second list is a PDF created from my Filemaker Pro database using only botanical names and sorted by division, family, genus, and species, including synonyms. This is what I take with me in the field. If anyone sees plants at these sites that are not on my lists, I would appreciate the information, including the specific location. You are free to use these lists for your own use or to print out for a field trip. If you want to share them with someone else, however, please just give them the link to this page. Thanks, and enjoy!

Columbia Gorge: Multnomah County

Clackamas: Clackamas County

Santiam: Linn, Marion counties

McKenzie: Lane, Linn counties

Willamette: Lane, Douglas counties

North Umpqua, Calapooyas: Douglas County

Rogue-Umpqua Divide: Douglas County

Southern Cascades: Jackson County

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