These are some of the butterflies found in the Western Cascades. They are organized by families. Hover over the photo to see the name of the butterfly and the date of the photo. Click on a photo to see the rest of the photos from that family.

Here is a list of host food plants (plants that caterpillars eat), that I put together to accompany a slide show on Butterfly Plants of the Western Cascades.

Favorite Butterfly Plants (46k)

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  • Kris Kennedy:

    Tanya, all of your photos are nice but the one of the Sheep Moth and checkerspot is simply amazing, in more ways than one.

    Vancouver, Washington

  • Tanya, this collection, the work and research you’ve done and the sheer beauty of the images you’ve captured are just jaw-dropping-stunning. The composition, aspect and context for each subject is perfect! Thank you so much for creating and sharing this wealth of beautiful images accompanied with natural history information.

    Dundee, OR

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