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  • Jason Reilly:

    Wow, some amazing colors out there this fall. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and knowledge, it was a pleasure to read and really brightened my day on a cold and foggy morning.



  • Gail Baker:

    Tanya, just love your fall color and observation photos. Especially taken by the 1st one, madrone is my favorite tree.
    I noted the huge clusters of madrone fruit this year along 30th Ave between I5 & Hilyard, Eugene.
    We did have the most amazing fall colors this year~ Gail

  • Chad Sageser:

    Glad to cut the tree out for few personal reasons as well others to benefit from being removed. Good to see ya made up there some pretty amazing things to be found in that direction. =)

  • Walt Rhea:

    Good to see your new postings. I am still held captive by winter chores. Do hope to get out soon.

  • Leigh Blake:

    Thank you!!! Love all your Tortoiseshells!! FABULOUS…Yes we have them too but not in this quantity…Our Viola praemorsa are up and blooming…haven’t seen the V. sheltoniis yet…searching… The Trout lilies are up and the Calochortus are close behind here in So Oregon…

    You are correct….rain is minimal…scary as hell…

    Love you post…HAPPY HIKING>>.Oh!!! Found a Western Pond turtle cross heavy traffis …took him home to join our wild turtles…we have about thirteen that have stayed for about twenty years…and have new babies every year..they can leave if they want to…but I just wanted him out of traffic..AND YESTERday at (UGH!!) walmart…there was a lady tree frog crossing the parking lot…in traffic!!!! I caught her turned her loose in our garden to join our troop of tree frogs… MANY HUGS TO YOU HAVE FUN…PRAY FOR RAIN!!

    Leigh in Trail….

  • Thanks for letting us know about what is blooming down your way. And extra thanks for all you do to save wildlife!! And yes, pray for rain!

  • Valarie:

    I’m so happy to see this post. I’m headed to Deer Creek on Friday with my school, Columbine school of botanical studies. Cant wait to see these beauties.

  • diane n Meyer:

    Your account of peeing to attract butterflies is exactly what got me this photo of California tortoiseshells (mostly) on a April day at the Middle Fork Applegate trailhead! This was in about 2008, I called them piddle puddlers, lol.
    I could not get groups of them to land in the sun where I needed them, so ….
    (Please see Oregon Wildflowers in the comments under Greg Leif’s link to this website.

  • John Koenig:

    Hi Tanya, Thanks for a great report and beautiful photographs. Sorry I had to miss the trip. With all our recent rain, it looks like the wildflowers were really spectacular. Wanted to mention that last spring when I visited Staley Creek bridge, hiking a short distance upstream I spotted two beautiful Harlequin ducks swimming in a quiet section of the creek. Something else to watch for when you visit that site in the future. Also, small world it seems, as the guy you met while walking back from the bluff is Dave Shroeder who I’ve worked with as a regular volunteer at the FBP Native Plant Nursery. He told me he had a new border collie named Scout who apparently has a lot of energy! Sorry to hear the chorus frogs weren’t singing.

  • Susan Hebert:

    You are amazing! Thank you for this report.

  • Jeffrey Caldwell:

    Sometimes the pollinator population may be “lost” among huge fields of flowers — relatively — so many flowers, so few pollinators …

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